Naval Security Group Sangley Point, Cavite City, Luzon, Philippines

Naval Security Group Station History Dates		Updated: 	13 Jul 08
Station							Opened     Closed/Disestablished
Sangley Point, Cavite City, Luzon, Philippines

Comunications Radio Intelligence Unit, Olongapo, 	   Jul 1930        Feb 1935
   Luzon, Philippines
   Moved to Mariveles, Los Banitos, Luzon, Philippines     Feb 1935
Comunications Radio Intelligence Unit, Mariveles,	01 Mar 1935  	05 Jan 1936
   Los Banitos, Bataan Province, Luzon, Philippines
   Moved to Cavite City, Luzon, Philippines		05 Jan 1936
Comunications Radio Intelligence Unit, Cavite,	 	05 Jan 1936        Oct 1940
   Luzon, Philippines
   DF station established Sep 1936
   Moved to Corregidor 					   Oct 1940
Comunications Radio Intelligence Unit, Corregidor, 	   Oct 1940        Apr 1942
   Luzon, Philippines
   Evacuated to Melbourne, Australia			   Apr 1942
Comunications Radio Intelligence Unit, Melbourne	   May 1942  	01 Nov 1945
   Australia, at Moorabbin

Comunications Radio Intelligence Unit, Sangley Point 	       1933        Dec 1941
   Luzon, Philippines; near the Naval Hospital at
      Canacao. (Station C)
   DF equipment installed in late 1935.
   DF station established in May 1937.
   Moved to Corregidor after 08 Dec 1941.
Occupied by the Japanese				   Jan 1942 	20 Mar 1945
Naval Air Base, Sangley Point, Philippines 		       1945      Early 1955
Naval Station Sangley Point, Philippines		 Early 1955     01 Jul 1971
   Deactivated 						01 Jul 1971	01 Sep 1971
   Turned over to the government of the Philippines	01 Sep 1971

NSG Dept, NCS Philippines, Sangley Point, Philippines	   Jun 1954 	   Jan 1958
   COMSEC Unit #703
   Moved to San Miguel, Philippines                        Jan 1958

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